4 Books of Ebonics

Reading Brings Change!

        This is what you and your kids have been waiting for. The 4 Books of Ebonics include, ' The Live Stage Play Musical, The Musical Comic Book, The Original Musical Autobiography, and The Original Soundtrack that Compliments Them All! All ready for print and coming Soon!

Dewayne Lucas


Owner, Author, Producer, Director, Actor, Performer, Playwright, Song Writer, Film Editor, Promoter and Graduate of Forbes School of Business!


I was born in Chicago and lived with 4 sisters and a brother. I moved to Wisconsin for many years and returned to Chicago to study and create films. Welcome to My Story!


Marcus Lucas

Head of Promotions / Wisconsin Division

As an Entrepreneur, my passion is to connect with people and celebrate the culture of diversity. By joining forces with my brother (Dewayne Lucas) I am able to help continue the mission of Ebonics Films. Inspiring families in our community is a life long commitment


(Everyday Business Operating Network Inspiring Creative Solutions).


         Here at Ebonics Films, this is exactly what we do. Our goal is to inspire creative solutions by providing an outlet for youth talent expression, as an alternative to violence.


        For many years we have worked with local talent in Chicago. From hosting shows, to editing videos and writing music, we have done it all. The Chronicles of Ebonics man Stage Play Musical/Book signing event will include the Comic Book, Autobiography and Soundtrack for the play. We will provide jobs as well as education to many of the young men and women of our communities who struggle with the violence on our streets.


Join us on our mission for positive change!


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